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6 Apps to demolish procrastination

Procrastinators of the world unite! You know that to-do list hanging out in the back of your mind? The one you said you would get to later? There are some great apps out there to help you conquer those tasks and so much more, without the perils of procrastination pulling you down.

The good news here is that being a procrastinator doesn’t necessarily mean you are a lazy person. In fact, often procrastination is a direct reaction to anxiety, fear of failure, or negative perfectionism. It is understandable, but when you are trying to start and grow your own business, there is no room for putting off work. The more you avoid, the longer the list gets and eventually it gets overwhelming. You can’t expect to be able to effectively give your all to a project when your brain is in 5 places at once.

Did you know that one out of 5 adults has admitted to being chronic procrastinators? You’re not alone, love! I am also a procrastinator extraordinaire! I like to say I am recovering because when I started TVC I made it my mission to learn how to banish procrastination and conquer my work head on! Through this little personal journey, I realized that there was a multitude of resources right at my fingertips. Literally, all I had to do was touch my finger to my iPhone. The amount of time management, productivity, and scheduling apps that are out there actually makes me feel much better. If there is that much of a demand for them then there must be lots of other people who deal with what we do!

Check out the list of my 6 favorite procrastination fighting apps, dig deep, and figure out what works for you! Just because you have been known as a procrastinator doesn’t mean you can’t learn to just get shit done!

Zero Willpower

You may be able to trick your other apps by toggling back and forth from work to social media, but not with Zero Willpower and their Website blocker! With this app, you can set a social media freeze, anywhere from minutes to hours. It also works with other sites that you can easily add or remove, because let’s be honest, we all have that one website that we can get lost in for hours. I’m talking to you Pinterest! Once you see how much your productivity increases using Zero Willpower, you will never turn back!

Available for $1.99 on Apple

Simple Habit

If you haven’t tried meditation to help with your mindfulness, you need to give it a shot! Meditation helps you center your thoughts, calm down, and stop the constant cycle of procrastination, anxiety, and alas, more procrastination. Simple Habit offers tons of customizations for helping improve your focus and combat stress and that crazy overwhelming feeling. As a busy business owner, being able to take a chunk out of your day for meditating is seemingly impossible, which makes Simple Habit a great option because each session can be set for as little as 5 minutes! Like I said earlier, procrastination is sometimes a direct result of anxiety, so before your next big project or deadline, give Simple Habit a try! It might just be the stress combating tool that you’ve been searching for!

Available on Apple & Android. Free & Paid versions



Mindly is my newest obsession, my friends. Seriously, it’s such a cool concept and so useful for those of us who tend to formulate ideas quicker than we can process them! Mindly wants you to take back control of your brain! The app allows you to organize your thoughts with related interconnecting thought bubbles. The three-dimensional approach is way less overwhelming than an old fashion to do list. Each bubble can be customized with colors, emojis, etc. and there is no limit the number of bubbles you can add! If your brain needs some spring cleaning, try it out! I guarantee it will make you more productive than getting lost in random memes for hours!

Available on Apple, Android, and Web. Free & Paid versions


Todoist is my go-to To-Do list app. It’s probably the most straightforward and user-friendly app for to-do lists out there, with options to organize tasks by the project which is incredibly helpful when you have multiple clients or entities. If your task is overdue, you get a notification warning you. I hate seeing that something is overdue, so I challenge myself to get everything done before the reminder has a chance to pop up! Sometimes you need to make tricking procrastination a game! There is also a web version, so your list can be accessible no matter where you are!

Available on Apple, Android, and Web. Free


Freedom is the perfect tool for those of us that constantly switch between 800 different websites at a time. You know, when you know something needs to be written, but the top 10 pins of the day are screaming your name. Freedom makes it possible for you to block out apps on your phone, emails, and websites. You can Create and edit blocklists, schedule your block sessions, and use Locked Mode to prevent cheating. If your lack of self-control contributes to your daily procrastination, this one is for you!

Available on Apple, Android, and Web. Several plan options.

Are you a subscriber junkie? We all know how distracting a full inbox is! Even worse when the inbox is full of junk! is here to make our lives a bit easier by allowing you to easily unsubscribe from the bounty of things clogging up your inbox. Another really cool feature is the “roll-up”, which allows you to combine a list of subscriptions, and receive them in a daily digestible email. Since starting with, I have freed up so much time by cutting the time spent in my inbox to ¼ of what it used to be. Less overwhelming situations=less procrastination!

Did I miss any great apps to help boost productivity and fight procrastination? Let me know in the comments below! Now go get back to work!

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