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25 Sites That Pay You to Write

Want to get paid to write an article for popular sites? As freelance writers, we know that content is king. The Content Marketing Institute actually projects that 55% of companies will be increasing their content marketing budget this year alone. This is great for us but doesn’t change the fact that finding jobs can be tough. Some weeks the work is pouring in, and some weeks it barely trickles in at all. That’s why it’s so important to have a pipeline, a list of places that you can go to find work when it’s just not finding it’s way to you. It doesn’t have to be scary either, there are tons of sites out there that WANT to pay you for your work. You just need to know where to look.

TVC put together this list of 25 sites that will pay you to write for them. Real, legitimate sites that want your voice to represent them. There are tons of great opportunities here. Pinky promise that there is something for every niche, so jump in and start making some money!

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  1. Cracked – Cracked is a humor site looking for list-style articles and infographics. They don’t require that you be experienced, they want writers with a knack for creative and funny writing. Sign up for their writer’s forum, create a profile, and submit your work. If it fits their criteria, you’re in! Cracked pays $50-$200 per article accepted. 
  2. College Humor – College Humor is one of the most well-known humor sites out there. They give a great list of examples for articles that do well on their site and accept pitches through email at They pay $35 for a one-page article or $50 for a multi-page article. 
  3. Funny Times – Funny Times pokes fun at relevant topics such as politics, news, relationships, technology, and much more. As a site that does not use advertising, they have free reign to post whatever they like. Payment is upon publishing not acceptance, and they pay $60 for each story. 
  4. A Fine Parent –  A Fine Parent is a popular site that helps people concquer parenting issues, seek support, and learn from other parents. They are looking for in-depth articles about personal parenting experiences, or something that readers will connect with. At the beginning of each month, they list article topics for you to write about and you are paid once the article is excepted. They pay $100 per 1000-3500 word article. 
  5. Listverse – With over 15 million readers a month, Listverse is the authority of list sites. They are always looking for lists of 10 on unique topics averaging around 1500 words per post. Listverse pays $100 per list. 
  6. The Penny Hoarder – The Penny Hoarder is a popular finance blog that boasts insight on great ideas to make money from side hustles and unique jobs. They are looking for articles written from personal experience with advice on saving and earning money. Ideal articles are evergreen with 700-900 words and they pay up to $75. Article payment depends on a lot of factors, so emailing the editor to talk about payment may be helpful. 
  7. A List Apart – ALA features articles on all aspects of web design. They have 3 tiers of articles including feature length (1,500-2,000 words for $200), articles (600-1,500 words for $100), and mini-articles (500-600 words $50). They have high editorial standards, and once the article is submitted ALA has their editing team help you fine-tune your work if needed. 
  8. E-Commerce Insiders – E-Commerce Insiders is the hub for content focused on news and trends in the retail industry. They are looking for unique articles that fit that niche ranging from 400-600 words with payment of $75, or articles above 600 words for $125. 
  9. Photoshop Tutorials – Photoshop Tutorials is looking for unique (you guessed it) Photoshop tutorials. They accept anything from quick tips and tricks up to full-length tutorials. The pay ranges because of this and is anywhere from $50 – $300 an article. 
  10. Treehouse– Treehouse is a great site focused on education in coding, web design, and more. Their blog ranges in topics like web designs, freelance, and productivity to name a few. Treehouse pays between $100 – $200 for accepted articles. 
  11. The Layout by Flywheel – If you are a WordPress wiz, The Layout is perfect for you and your skill set. Writers need to apply, and they will be given a list of topics to pick from. Topic pitches are also accepted. The Layout pays up to $150 for articles.  
  12. Compose – Compose has recently launched a blog called The Write Stuff, where writers can contribute articles that touch on ideas and issues about databases. They are open to giving new writers a chance, and also accept experienced writers. For payment, they offer a combination of $200 cash and $200 Compose credit. 
  13. Blackbelt Magazine – Blackbelt Magazine focuses on the core principles of Martial Arts, techniques, training methods, and fitness. They are looking for articles that strategical or technical skills and historical or philosophical matters in martial arts, and no longer than 3000 words. Articles pay $150-$300. 
  14. Linode – Linode is looking for technical writers and topics to add to their comprehensive tutorial list about Linux, Linode, and Cloud Infrastructure. Their site lists topics that need to be written about, and pay is up to $300 per article. 
  15. Gripped – Gripped a well known and loved climbing publication. They are looking for quality content for features, northern faces, area profiles, and reviews. Articles are maximum of 2,500 words and pay up to $250. 
  16. Family Fun Magazine – As one of the longest-running family publications, Family Fun Magazine focuses on families with children ages 2-12. They get over 2 million views a month and are looking for articles that provide tips and tricks to life’s most memorable moments. They pay up to $1.25 a word for articles. 
  17. Lies About Parenting – Lies About Parenting is a great parenting blog hell-bent on debunking parenting myths and annoying advice. They encourage raising happy and healthy kids and are looking for writers who can share their stories. They have a rigorous editing process, but if you are open to criticism it’s a great opportunity. They pay $50 per article. 
  18. Sports Fishing Magazine – Sports Fishing Magazine is a renowned publication in the saltwater fishing world. They are looking for articles to be written in both the feature department and several categories. They have a submissions guideline page that should be studied before submitting a pitch. They pay $750. 
  19. The Travel Writer’s Life – The Travel Writer’s Life is about getting paid to travel. They are accepting articles about how to make a living traveling through writing, photography, tours, etc. Depending on the article type, they pay between $50-$200. 
  20. Dorkly – Dorkly is a pop culture site that features articles about video games, movies, television, and anime. They have a specific submissions guide that you should check out before submitting work. They pay $75 per published article. 
  21. Two Plus Two – Two Plus Two is a site that posts articles about playing poker, biographies of popular poker players, and engaging interviews. They have a submission guidelines page that lists high priority and low priority topics that they seek writers for. Pay is $200 per published article.  
  22. 5 Best Things – This click-bait list site offers readers reviews and list posts with 5 items in each. They accept a variety of articles on many topics and varying word count. SEO knowledge and execution is required in each article. They pay anywhere between $10-$100 for articles. 
  23. LiisBeth – LiisBeth describes themselves as “a reader and community supported zine that examines entrepreneurship, start-up culture, and the innovation eco-system through a progressive feminist lens”. Their submissions guideline page spells out the kind of articles they are looking for and what their readers gravitate to. Pay ranges from $100-$2000. 
  24. Polygon – Polygon is the holy grail of all things video gaming, including artists, fans, and culture. They have a great page instructing writers on how to pitch them and direct contact information. Polygon pays $0.25 a word for each article. 
  25. The Motley Fool – The Motley Fool provides financial advice and helps investors make the most of their money. They pay $100 for articles that are “analytically sound, thoughtful, and well-written.” Writers who publish multiple posts may be approached for a long-term contract. 


There ya have it, folks! Told ya TVC wouldn’t disappoint! Who did I miss? Have any suggestions? Share baby share! Good luck and get writing!

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